5 Time Tested Wart Removal Methods That Work Like a Charm

Warts are stubborn, unsightly growths, likely to appear anywhere on the human skin. They can be depressing, irritating, and embarrassing. They are generally caused by the HPV or human papillomavirus that infects the upper skin layer and results in the rapid growth of the virus. This leads to the creation of a wart. The infection spreads from one person to another, especially when the affected area of the skin cuts or gets damaged due to some reason. Sharing towels and razors can also help in spreading the virus from one person to another. Therefore, it is vital to find different ways of wart removal.

Some time-tested methods have been enumerated below:

Boosting the Immune System




As a virus is the leading cause of this problem, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of it is by boosting the immune system or the body’s potential of fighting the virus. It is quite likely to suffer from this condition, especially when you are sick, worn down, or feeling tired. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your body gets sufficient sleep if you are suffering from the problem. Also, exercising regularly and using certain immune boosters such as elderberry and astragalus can help in doing away with the condition.

Stopping the Spread

It is quite likely to pass wart from one person to another. Also, an infected individual can pass them even around his or her own body by way of touch. So, when you are touching your wart at times and then touching any other uninfected part of your body without washing your hands, you are spreading the virus. So, being conscious of this fact and washing the hands after every touch will help you in removing them from your body completely.

Using Garlic and Pineapple


Yes, you got it right! Garlic and pineapple are super ingredients when it comes to removing warts. These ingredients work like magic for people suffering from the condition. You can apply pineapples directly to the affected area for several days and several times in one day. Pineapples come loaded with enzymes and natural acids that help in doing away with the condition. Even garlic, when combined with water and applied as a paste to the affected area, can do magic.

Baking Powder 

You can blend castor oil and baking powder in the form of a paste and apply it to the affected skin at night. You can even cover the affected area with a good quality bandage. This is considered a time-tested way of getting rid of these unsightly growths.


Crushing up vitamin C tablets and blending them with water for making a thick paste can help in dealing with these skin growths. Even vitamin E can work in this direction. You need to rub the capsule and rub it on the affected area.


If you are still wondering how to remove wartsthen why not try out other procedures like using aspirin and tea tree oil. Even these ingredients are said to work when it comes to treating warts.

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