Wartrol ingredients

Wartrol is just the ideal solution for those ugly looking warts that infect you just about anywhere. The main active ingredient of Wartrol is salicylic acid. It is keratolytic and belongs to the class – salicylates (aspirin too belongs to the same class). It is naturally found in some plants and is bitter. The acid is often used to treat skin issues like corns, calluses, acne, psoriasis, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and skin, apart from warts.

Wartrol Ingredients That Make It Work

Following is the list of other ingredients in Wartrol. The ingredients used in Wartrol are approved by FDA and found to be safe and effective.

Menthol – it is extracted from mint and is organic in nature. The anaesthetic properties in menthol help in easing the itching and irritation caused by warts.
Arbor Vitae – in Latin, it is known as the “tree of life”. It has antiviral properties and encourages production of antibodies.
Black Sulphide of Antimony – it reduces heat effects in the body. This heat is often responsible for causing pain around the anal and genital areas. Even flare-ups may be experienced with heat.
Nitric acid – it is a useful mineral which has the ability to burn cutaneous lesions like warts.
Ethyl alcohol: it is an antiseptic solution that helps in killing fungi and bacteria, in this case virus.
Flexible colloidon: it is a mixture of colloidon, camphor and castor oil. Colloidon is present in the form of syrup and helps in closing the wounds. Camphor is anti fungal in nature and provides relief from itching.
Polysorbate 90: it is often used as a surfactant or emulsifier in personal care products. It helps other Wartrol ingredients to dissolve in the solvent.

Wartrol should not be used by people:

suffering from diabetes or poor blood circulation
whose skin is irritated/infected
if alcohol triggers allergy in them


Keep it away from the reach of kids
Keep it away from fire/flame
Store in a cool, dry place
Do not inhale vapors
If it enters the eyes, wash with water for 15 minutes.
Discontinue using Wartrol and consult a doctor immediately if you feel any discomfort or swallow it by mistake.